Sunday, September 17, 2006

flickr support for Blogger Beta

flickr 支援 Blogger Beta
Originally uploaded by TaopaiC.

Flickr now support for Blogger Beta. Oh, finally!!

Flickr Support for Blogger in beta

Saturday, August 26, 2006

McDonald's Worship

CIMG8227 This picture is about the ancestral worship by the McDonald's in Taiwan. They offered the McDonald's meal!! And using the cups instead of the traditional ones. ^^

from 麥當勞的祭品 by FreeLeaf

Funny clip with 3M strips

43_p the clip
It's a funny clip with 3M strips. As the uploader claimed, the clip was for 3M clip contest, but got rejected.

There is really a 3M contest in Taiwan, and here is the offical site. The contest will end on Sep. 9. The clip is not rejected, and it's still a funny clip. Other clips which get high votes are not so funny, and some are really boring and too long. Maybe the vote program is bad designed, and gets a lot of fake votes.

Linux Distro Timeline


From Digg:
A nice, simple graphical representation of the evolution of linux

The submitter made a direct link to this blog article 's picture. = =
However, the latest version can be found here.

Blogger beta Log In Problem...

bloggerProblemIt's a strange problem that I can't see Login panel in Blogger homepage. At first, I thought it was caused by my computer. After I cleaning the firefox's cache, the problem was still there. In blogger-help group, it's seemed not only me suffered the problem... Hahh....
I use IE to log in finally...

* update: it is fixed now.
* update: it was not fixed yet, but there is a solution to login (the original post). First, log out GMail or Google account, and then go to Blogger homepage. The login panel appears! It maybe not the best solution, but it works for me now.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Enabling AdSense in Blogger beta

I mentioned I can't use AdSense before. After reading this post in Google Groups, I can see the AdSense in my blog. The solution is also here.
The disadvantage would be some errors in the browser that doesn't support java script. Whatever, enabling AdSense is what I want.

When testing this solution, I forgot disabling Adblock... It wasted me a lot of time... :|

Merry 'N Merry's Low Fat Dessert

兩個瑪麗的 濃情拿鐵 和 金玉南瓜
Last weekend, I bought 2 of their dessert on my way home. I was tend to buy cream puffs, but found no stores selling cream puffs.
So, I walked to the shop named Merry 'N Merry which seems selling delicious pudding or something like that. After the clerk introducing their products, I finally realized their features were not only made with natural ingredients but also having low fat and high fiber. They are handmade and consist sugar substitutes and konjac jelly. Their dessert according to their slogan are losing weight or diabetic people's best friend.
兩個瑪麗的 金玉南瓜 (半個)I ate half of punkin one only just. It tasted good, but not the kind I like. However I believe they could be the most delicious deserts to diabetics who avoid eating sugar.

ps. Was the clerk so kind to me because of he thinking I tend to losing weight?....